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In Mamaia there is no time to get bored!

Mamaia fully deserves its reputation, being one of the most popular and appreciated resorts, both for the huge beach it offers and for the numerous attractions enjoyed by both Romanian and foreign tourists.

Aqua Magic Park

is one of the main attractions of the resort, being for its visitors an inexhaustible source of fun. The slides, swimming pools, pools, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, dance floors, shows are all extremely popular and really heat up things every day.


The cable car

is another great attraction of the resort and gives everyone access to real flying sessions above the resort. So for those who want to see Mamaia from above, they can do so in safety and comfort, as the gondolas are equipped with ventilation and protection from the strong sun.


At the Dolphinarium

you can enjoy the spectacular performances. This place is the only museum of its kind in the country and is also a source of interactive entertainment for both adults and children.


At the Planetarium

you can enjoy a real journey through the stars, planets, galaxies, either projected on its giant dome, or translated in the exhibition showing the structure of the Universe or even discover new planets with the giant telescope hosted by this museum.


The microrepository

also invites you to cross its threshold. Part of the Natural Science Museum Complex in Constanta, it was designed to give tourists and locals alike a more complex picture of the specific nature of Dobrogea.


Water Sport

And because in Mamaia energy is at its highest, JT Water Sport offers you the most dynamic, challenging and fun outdoor activities on the surface of Lake Siutghiol: ski jet, banana boat, parasailing, hydrobikes, fly board and more.


Enjoy a unique experience with us and discover the whole universe of fun in Mamaia!
We’re just minutes away from the major attractions, so holiday activities are on the cards!

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