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Private Events

Events that hold a special place in your heart, also hold a special place in our hotel!
The excellent location (just two minutes from the beach), the special ambience, the professionalism of a dedicated team, the surprises and surprising menus, the warm atmosphere and the guarantee of a unique experience are just our way to enjoy the most cherished events.

From weddings, christenings and birthdays to New Year’s Eve and themed parties, Hotel Dunărea has all the necessary ingredients to turn an event into a memorable experience for all participants.

We have invested in every detail, from architectural and design details, furniture or audio-video equipment and air conditioning systems to special menus (local, international or Mediterranean cuisines), varied activities and playgrounds for the little ones so that you can enjoy the perfect event.

Children's parties

Play and fun are children’s best friends! But also surprises! So we’ve created the ideal mix: the perfect place and atmosphere for maximum fun, but also special surprises that will turn the event into an unforgettable memory!

Regardless of the type of party, birthday, anniversary, christening party, etc., everyone will benefit from surprises, magical atmosphere and spectacular moments of animation offered by the children’s favourite artists.

The fairy-tale characters performed by our friends from “Club Amicii” will come to life to invite the little ones on a unique adventure, with sweet moments, face-painting, balloons, karaoke and lots of fun!

All in a welcoming, warm and cheerful atmosphere, where good mood and energy set the tone of the party!


Celebrate your birthday the way you want!


At Hotel Restaurant Danube Mamaia we are ready to offer you the perfect setting to celebrate the special days of your life, whether you choose to book the whole restaurant or just one table!

Whatever the size of your event, we offer the perfect setting, ambience, service, cuisine and organization for a big party or, on the contrary, for a small and intimate anniversary with your loved ones.

Corporate events

We are one of the renowned hotels on the Romanian coast, and all the activity that has consecrated us, has also helped us to continuously improve. Thus we have come to enjoy not only the space and facilities necessary for a successful event, but also the expertise of a dedicated team, for whom no effort is too great and nothing is impossible when it comes to exceptional events.

Business meetings, corporate parties, product launches, Christmas or Easter parties, team buildings or any other corporate events are all part of the repertoire of events that Hotel Dunărea knows how to host to turn them into impressive events. We are always ready, no matter the season, because we have all the assets on our side: exceptional interior design, architectural and design elements carefully chosen by professional architects, new and modern furniture, audio-video equipment and air conditioning systems, diversified cuisine (Romanian, international, Mediterranean) and, above all, the expertise of a professional team.

Party with live music

Quality music and an unforgettable atmosphere are the ingredients that we chose to give you more than just an event, a relaxing experience and emotional, in the company of the most beloved artists.

You and your guests can relax with the power of live music, that will transform any event, private party, corporate party, anniversary, etc. into a unique experience that you will always remember with pleasure.

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