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is the most beautiful destination!

The most precious experiences, the fondest memories and the most beautiful emotions are born when you choose with your heart and they remain in your soul forever.
At Hotel Dunărea we do everything with maximum dedication, commitment and passion first and foremost for your inner expectations – precisely because we want you to be able to choose your holiday destination with all your heart.
Our professionalism, promptness, hospitality and the high standards we practice are the expression of respect for our clients, from which we want the most beautiful friendships to be born.
Responsibility, determination, constant care and genuine interest are our way to turn your happiness into our most personal project. And to turn Hotel Dunărea into…your happy place! Both for you and your family.

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Here you will surely find the ideal place for unforgettable experiences with your loved ones, unique and memorable events, fun for the little ones and a warm and welcoming atmosphere where emotions turn into lifelong memories.
Whether you want to spend an extended stay or just a weekend at the seaside, Hotel Dunărea is the perfect choice for a unique experience in a renowned hotel on the Romanian coast, a cheerful holiday with your loved ones or a moment of tranquility that will refresh you, will delight your soul and make you smile every time.
The perfect location – at the entrance of Mamaia resort and only 50 m from the beach, the complete renovation of the exterior in 2020-2022, the quality facilities and services we offer make us proud to be an attraction on the summer entertainment map, next to the city’s major attractions.

How to reach us


Land at Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport, located 27 km away from our hotel.


You can choose to arrive by train that will stop at the station in Constanța, one of the most important stations in Romania and certainly the most important on the Romanian coast. The distance from the train station to the hotel gates is 7 km and can be traveled by bus 100M.

Personal car

All roads lead to the sea! Whether you have traveled a long way or not, the joy of seeing the sea is unique.

For airport or train station transfer requests, please contact us at
0241 831 894